Customised Comfort with a Divan Bed from Benmores Beds

A divan is different from a regular bedframe in the sense that you have more freedom to customise it to suit your style. Made up of a base and a mattress, this type of bed can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics and other materials.

To choose one that suits your bedroom’s aesthetic and provides you with the most comfort, consider the height of the base and the quality of the mattress. These will help you feel more relaxed in your bed which can help you sleep better.

The Right Size

A divan bed has the advantage of better spatial efficiency than other types of beds. This is because it is only as big as the mattress it is paired with. In addition to this, a divan bed has built-in drawers that give you ample storage space.

When you choose a divan bed, consider its size and that of the mattress. Aside from its compatibility with the room’s size, it should be a set that you will be comfortable sleeping on. This will help you feel more relaxed and cosy when you are on it.

Customised for Comfort

Research shows that humans spend one-third of their life in their beds. Since a good night’s sleep is important to maintain one’s health and well-being, it follows that a high-quality mattress is essential to achieve this.

Benmores Beds was founded to provide customers with high-quality beds and mattresses. We carry a wide selection of divan beds that come in different styles and sizes. As a family-owned and operated business, we provide personalised services aimed to help you find the right bed and mattress for your needs.

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