Stylish Headboards in Kent

Benmores Beds doesn’t only specialise in supplying beds, we also supply a broad range of premium headboards in Kent. Our headboards provide a great way of adding a finishing touch to your bed. With so many styles to choose from, you won’t run out options and are certain to find one that complements your bedroom’s current décor. Providing both comfort and style, the choice is yours to create the bed that you always dreamt of.

Combine Lines and Curves

Two of the most eye-catching design elements of a headboard are its soft curves and smooth lines. Our Playden headboards have a curvaceous top-rail that complements the uprights of its design. They also feature crystal accessories, black nickel and rose gold finishes for a luxurious touch.

Want more curves? Choose our Bichon or Fairlawn headboards. Both of them boast prominent curves that are suitable for lavish bedrooms. They are available in ivory, nickel and brass finishes that make your bed the focal point of your room.

Something for the Kids

Looking for a headboard for your child’s bed? Our range presents options for your kids’ rooms. We have the Miami Pink headboard that’s ideal for your daughter’s bed. Also available in white, the headboard allows flexible use with many room themes for young girls.

If you have a son that’s aspiring to become a football player, we have the perfect headboard for his bed. Our Football White/Black headboard resembles a net and has football-themed accessories in between its arches.

Keep it Simple

Are you still undecided on the design of your headboard? Why not choose one that features a minimalist design? We have headboards that are designed with simplicity in mind. Our Arundel and Ringmer headboards are minimalist in design and complement any type of bedroom. Their simple design is emphasised by their horizontal and vertical bars that are made of nickel or brass.

Browse through our range below to check out our other designs. For any enquiries, call us on 020 8303 7411.