Quick and Efficient Bed Disposal Service in Kent

When you think it’s time to replace your bed, don’t leave it out on the road. We know that getting rid of a mattress can be a headache, whether it’s to give room for a new one or to make moving homes across the country easier for you. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to say goodbye to your old bed, we have what you need.

Bed Removers You Can Trust

Retire your worn-out mattress with help from a bed disposal service in Kent. For just £40, the Benmores Beds team can visit your site and take your old bed away. Our professional bed removers take great care in handling your old mattress, making sure we don’t bump into any furnishing or hit any walls. We also dispose of beds in an eco-conscious manner by sending them to proper recycling facilities instead of landfills. We’ve been doing bed removals across the UK for years and take all the necessary steps to achieve smooth bed disposals with minimal disruption.

About Benmores Beds

Founded by May and Harry Benmore, Benmores Beds is an independent shop that aims to help London residents find the perfect bed. Now owned by Harry, grandson of May and Harry, we continue to uphold our high standards of product quality and service that we have become known for since starting our business. Aside from selling beds, we also offer bed disposal and bed assembly services, all at a price that won’t break the bank.

For quick, cost-effective bed disposal services in Kent, get in touch with Benmores Beds, today.