Metal Beds

Metal beds offer design flexibility that is hard to match. With the right style, you can transform a bedroom from drab to dramatic, clunky to spacious or outdated to refreshing. Solid yet lightweight, metal beds can be easily moved, repaired and recycled.

If you think metal beds are the best option for you, our range includes timeless beauties, bed frames with romantic curves and contemporary styles with understated elegance.

Find the bed for you in one of the most diverse metal bed selections in Kent. Explore our range.

Understated Elegance

Featuring clean, simple lines the Griffin and Brighton complement almost all types of home decors and make rooms look refreshingly spacious.

For a contemporary retreat, the Darwin with its grey powder finish and hand-welded joints and the Dunbridge with its slim, tapered legs and headboard with elegant detailing make great choices.

The Dane featuring a mix of honey-coloured hardwood and polished steel and the Ringmer with its chrome-coloured frame and open lines headboard are perfect for spaces with an on-trend mixed material look.

Romantic Curves

Easy to fashion, metal allows bed frame manufacturers to create delicate, romantic designs perfect for giving bedrooms a comforting feel or a high-end finish.

For your guest room or your girl’s room, the Springfield, Appledore and Fairlawn’s light colour, open frame and smooth curves offer a touch of cottage inspiration ideal for smaller spaces. Similarly, the Dovedale with its gentle curves and scrolling accents bring a whimsical, airy feel to a small, sombre room.

If you want your bed to be a room’s focal point, the Ivedon and Bishon’s gothic style are sure to make a statement. The Bishon coming in brass and nickel, immediately captivates the eye with its aged look, imposing curves and tall, solid surround posts. The Ivedon, with its gradual curves and glossy white coat, makes bedtime, an event to look forward to.

Timeless Beauties

Stunning no matter the decade, classic beauties are worth the investment. You can incorporate a mixed-period feel in your bedroom with metal bed frames that combine modern and traditional elements like the Playden, Iden, Skye and Arundel.

For a more dramatic bedroom, period-inspired bed frames like the Fittleworth, Beckley and Winchester are the styles to covet.